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Bannister - install extra rail

by Andrew Webb
(Wales, UK)

Wall side

Wall side

Wall side Post side From above


We have a bannister at the top of our stairs that we would like to make more safe by attaching an additional rail to it. See the three photos attached - the photos show the wall end, post end and looking from above (notice mitre join).

We basically want to replicate what has been done with the top rail by inserting another one in between, so that there are two rails running along the landing, not just the one.

Assuming we are able to obtain wood of the correct size, colour etc, my question is what would be the best way of attaching the additional rail at the wall and and at the end where the rail meets the post?

I know next to nothing about carpentry so any feedback would be much appreciated. Would hiring a carpenter be a more realistic option? Are there alternative strategies I could consider?

Thanks in anticipation.

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