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T&G 2x6 removal and replacement

by Will
(Gilroy, California)


I have a single dry rotten T&G 2x6 in an exposed ceiling that I need to replace.
Ideally, I want to remove and replace it with minimal damage to the adjacent boards. Fortunately the roof will be off. Any advice about how to remove the T&G without damaging the other boards and installing a new one in its place would be much appreciated.
Thank you,

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Aug 28, 2011
Removing/replacing T&G boards
by: Dan

2x6 sounds quite chunky but I'll explain how I remove and replace a T&G floorboard without damaging the adjacent floor boards and hopefully you'll be able to apply the same methods.

First, I set a circular saw to the thickness of the floor board. Then, I cut twice along the length of the board I want to remove, about 3/4 of an inch in from the edge. This ensures I don't cut the tongue off an adjacent board and lets me remove the middle/most of the board leaving only the outer edges. Then using a sharp chisel I chop the rest of the plank out being careful not to damage the adjacent boards.

To get the next board in, you need to remove the bottom part of the groove that will prevent it from going in.
Turn the board upside down and set the circular saw to the thickness of that part of the groove (usually about a third of the thickness of the board) and cut it off.

The board should now slot straight in tongue first, if its tight you may need to put a slight leading edge on the tongue.

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