Can I replace ceiling joist hangers with Noggins?

Hello Sir.

I want to board my roof space to provide extra storage space. My home is an English 1930s built property with 4 inch x 2 inch joists spaced at 16 inches centre to centre. Fixed at right angles to and across the joists are lengths of 4 x 2 timbers that run parallel to and 5 feet from the sides of the house. I think these are called summer beams or binding joists or hangars to prevent deflection i.e. sagging of the joists.

These timbers are a hindrance to boarding the roof. Can they be removed and replaced with noggins between the joists to serve the same purpose and in fact prevent twisting of the joists?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Feb 23, 2015
Cutting out joist hangers safely
by: Gary

Hello Sir.

The hangers are not there to stop the joists twisting but to prevent the ceiling sagging. The ceiling would otherwise sag because the 4x2 joists are not strong enough to span that distance without extra support.

In order to remove them you would really need to place larger joists alongside the existing ones that would span the distance ok without sagging (or worse..).

You would need to engage the help of a structural engineer to determine what size joists would be strong enough.

Depending on what lengths you are willing to go to it may be easier to floor the areas you can whilst leaving the hangers in place.

Hope that helps

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