Framing a door opening

by Danny
(Bolton )

I'm framing a door opening, what size do I need to make it?

How much wider should you make the door opening in a wall depending on the size of the door.

Also, what height would you cut your door frame to fit a 78inch height door??


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Sep 22, 2011
How to determine the size of opening for a door
by: Gary

It sounds like an internal door/frame you are fitting?

Doors are available in metric or imperial sizes, more commonly imperial. More door sizes can be found here.

If for example I am building a stud wall or cutting into an existing wall for a new doorway I would start with the door size, say for example 2'6".

A door lining leg is 1 1/4", two legs are 2 1/2" thick in total. I would then add a further 1/2" or 3/4" for fittin tolerance and a gap between the door and lining.

The height of a door is 78". From finished floor to inside the top of the lining is 79" to allow for carpet underneath the door and a small gap above. Lining is 1 1/4" thick so in total from finished floor to bottom of studwork at least 81".

For an external door I would add 10-15mm extra to the frames overall width and height for the opening size.

If that's not clear or I misunderstood the question let me know why i'll try again!

More information about installing door linings here.

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