Mount Guitars on wall

by Phil Gagnon
(Ste-Marie, QC, Canada)

Hi there!
I just bought a semi-detached house which is separated by a concrete wall.
As I hanged some of my guitars to the party wall of the adjoining house, I figured that the wall studs would run vertically every 16" of each other.

So I lifted the ceiling tiles and screwed the hanger in what should be the middle of the truss. The top screw of the hanger feels like it has a good bite in the wood but the bottom screw isn't.

I fitted the bottom screw with a blue drywall plug.

So, my questions are ;

- Are wall studs centered with the ceiling joists?

- Did I screw into a noggin? (This would explain the bottom screw not biting in wood/timber)

- And the most important, are noggins capable of supporting the weight of a guitar? (let's say 10-12lbs to be sure)

Thank you, I would prefer not having them smash on the floor!

Best R's,


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