Nail or screw concrete wall

by Martin

Hello, great website!

There is some information I need that I can't find on your site though.

What kind of nail/screw do you recommend I use for concrete walls?

I am trying to hang a curtain rod onto a concrete wall in my house. I have consulted several hardware stores with little luck, I never seem to get a straight answer. I have tried every screw I was told to purchase, but I just could not get any one of them drilled into the wall.

They just tore up the wall and made too big a hole.

Please can you help me, and be precise in answering what the best kind of nail/screw I should be using for a concrete wall!

Many thanks in advance,


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Aug 10, 2011
How to fix a curtain pole to the wall
by: Gary

This page explains how to drill into masonry.

If you're having trouble it could be because there is a concrete lintel to support the weight of the walls over and above your window that is strong and dense. And you might have to drill new holes in a different position and fill the ones that haven't worked.

The rail should really have been supplied with suitable fixings. Depending on the size and weight of your curtains, I would start by trying to drill a 5-5.5mm hole for a red rawl plug using a carbide tipped masonry drill bit (use 7mm brown plugs if the rail/curtains are heavy). Buy a decent quality drill bit because you need to do a few holes and the concrete is solid. These drill bits are designed to be used with a hammer drill as simply spinning will just burn the bit out, it needs to impact the wall at the same time.

When drilling, move the drill in and out so the drill bit can clear the debris from inside the hole.

Push the plug inside so it is flush with the wall. Then wind the screw in.

If that doesn't work come back here and explain the problem in more detail.

Good luck!

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