Sound proofing

by Tony Hogan
(selby north yorks)

Is sound proofing required between adjoining houses for loft conversions?

I've seen no mention of it on any website i've visited.

My house has a 9inch brick wall either side, will I be able to hear my neighbours or them hear me if I don't install sound insulation while i'm converting my loft?



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Nov 14, 2010
Do you need sound proofing on a gable wall when converting a loft?
by: Gary

You don't need sound proofing / insulation to meet building regulations when converting your loft.

In some instances a stud wall with celotex is needed (for heat insulation), but I've not heard of this when a house is adjoining another.

My house is a terraced and my neighbour has their loft converted too. Very occasionally I can hear faint noises but it's barely noticeable.

The noise will be no more than you can hear when you are downstairs, as the construction is the same all the way from top to bottom.

If you wanted to prevent that little bit of noise, you could build a false internal stud wall with 3x2 against the gable and then insulate it with rolls of rockwool sound insulation before plasterboarding.

This will affect the stairwell though so if that is up the same end of the house it may not be possible.

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