Wardrobe sliding door

by Mike
(Exeter, U.K. )


I have removed some stud work to make a new opening within an existing wall for some sliding wardrobe doors.

The wall is not perfectly vertical, it leans about 1cm top to bottom of the new opening.

I will be fitting two sliding 800mm doors within the opening.

My question is, will it be better to line the opening up with the same lean as the wall and mirror this with the fitted doors, or to make the linings perfectly vertical, and build up the skimming around the opening to disguise the discrepancy?

Many thanks


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Jul 08, 2017
Wardrobe sliding door
by: Gary

Hi Mike,

Because it is a sliding door to your wardrobe going in, I would install these so they line up with the opening rather than being too concerned with it being perfectly plumb.

A 1cm variance over the height isn't too bad and should not be noticeable. It would probably be more noticeable if you did install them plumb and had differing or tapering reveals up the sides.

If the wardrobe doors were normal swinging doors it might be better to install them plumb, otherwise they could hit the floor when they open depending on the set-up below.

Hope that helps,


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