When Laying Wood Floors, Which Way Up do the Boards go?

by Richard
(So Acworth NH)

When putting down wood floors, step, or decking, should you lay the crown face up or down?

To prevent cupping I was told to put the crown facing down.

Which is the best method?



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Jun 27, 2011
Best way up to lay floor boards
by: Gary

You'll never totally prevent the boards from cupping, if they want to go - they'll go.
And as the top of the boards will be exposed to more weather and moisture than the bottom they will inevitably move at different rates.

The best way to lay the boards is so that the growth rings in the end grain curve upward.

Boards warp the opposite way to the growth rings, so when they are wet a crowning effect will occur, and the middle of the boards will lift rather than the edges.

This way, water will run off the sides, rather than pooling in the middle where it will sit, stagnate and cause problems.

By trying to lay the other way up to reduce cupping you will actually cause more problems when the inevitable happens.
And when the boards do cup (it may take a while) everyone will trip over your raised edges.

More info about laying floor here.

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