Wobbly Newel Post

by Mike
(Midlothian, VA)

I have a very wobbly newel post at the end of a short balustrade at the top of our stairs. It is the simple solid kind. (Not like the big hollow kind I saw repaired on a This Old House video.) Interested in a simple fix, I got a long drill bit and drilled two diagonal holes through the post into the (subfloor?). Then I screwed in two extra long wood screws. They were long enough to sink a good 1 1/2 - 2 inches into the subfloor. But whatever is under there, it wasn't solid enough to provide anything for them to bite into and it wobbled just as loosely as before. I don't know much about home construction. Any ideas why I seemed hit air?

I am interested in the simplest solution to fix this safety hazard. I'm guessing I'll need to disassemble the balustrade, remove the post and then I imagine I'll see what the problem is with the subfloor. But I'm holding off in case there is an easier way.


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May 21, 2016
by: Mike

Not sure how to add photos to my post. Will post it again with photos.


May 21, 2016

by: Gary

Hi Mike, a wobbly newel post is probably up there with creaky floor boards in terms of annoying. Having trouble picturing how this might be set up. Is the newel part of the staircase, and therefore built into the stair stringer (this is the diagonal timber that the treads are slotted into)? Or is it just sat on the floor at the top of the stairs?
Winding some large screws through it would normally do the trick, but you need to pick up a joist or trimmer. Are you able to post a picture on here?

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