Recommended tradesmen services

Build an on-line reputation and boost your work load!

Joining these recommended tradesmen services is another way to massively boost your workload and reputation. Some of these services are bigger and harder to get into than others. But when advertising a carpentry business you can benefit from at least one or more of these schemes that put tradesmen and customers together.

When clients use these often free services to find local approved tradesmen, they are confident that the job will be done by honest, competent and reliable carpenters and not a jack of all trades or rogue trader. Being an approved member of these sites assures customers you're available to do a professional job properly.

Lots of these companies allow you to create a business profile that includes the types of work you are looking for, the distance you are willing to travel, testimonials from satisfied clients and some even offer an in house website of your own too. This is a valuable sales tool that you can link to from your own website, and even include copies of in your carpentry portfolio when pricing and selling to customers that didn't find you through these means.

Wouldn't you use someone who takes the time to build a good reputation and has lots of satisfied customers?

There are several different recommended tradesmen services and trade bodies to choose from. This is a list starting with the cheapest and easiest to apply to/start using;

Check a trade

Check a trade are a fast growing recommended tradesman site. If you want to join the vetting criteria is strict, all the more reason to apply. Those I know who are members get a lot of work through check a trade. During the application interview, they ask to see; Qualifications, insurance certificates, proof of address(utility bills), ID, tax reference code. They also carry out a credit check and ask you to sign a letter that allows them to talk to trading standards about you.

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