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General / Basic carpentry tips

  • Recommended Carpentry Books
  • Carpentry Terms
  • Pilot/clearance holes
  • Wood glue types and uses
  • How to mitre perfect corners
  • Plug/Pellet cutters
  • How to read a tape measure
  • How to remove awkward nails
  • Fix Squeaky Floor Boards
  • Carpentry Formulas

  • How to Check for Square
  • How to calculate square area
  • Bisecting angles
  • Calculate rafter lengths
  • Calculate how many spindles are needed
  • Perfect spindle spacings
  • Carpentry Careers

  • Carpentry apprenticeship
  • Carpentry Estimating
  • Carpentry resume
  • Carpentry portfolio
  • How to get more carpentry work
  • Carpentry jobs
  • Join a recommended tradesmen service
  • Advertising a carpentry business
  • Finish Carpentry

  • General finish carpentry tips and techniques
  • How to scribe timber for a perfect fit
  • Finish carpentry fixings
  • How to drill various materials
  • Hanging doors, the basics > How to hang interior doors step by step > How to hang a stable door > Applying a leading edge > Tips on adjusting a door
  • Fit the door latch, handles and stops
  • How to fit a flush bolt
  • Corinthian style dormer

  • Fitting Architraves
  • Architrave corner blocks
  • Plinth blocks

  • Fitting Skirting/Baseboards
  • Skirting board tools
  • How to scribe internal skirting board angles (90°)
  • How to end skirting boards
  • Fixing skirting boards
  • Bathroom Carpentry

  • How to install bathroom vanity units
  • Making a bath panel
  • Pipe boxings

  • How to build shelves
  • Slatted shelves
  • Floating shelves
  • Alcove shelves
  • Kitchen Installations

  • How to install kitchen cabinets
  • How to install kitchen worktops
  • How to cut worktops to length
  • Installing Stairs

  • How to install a staircase
  • Newel post installation
  • Fitting half a newel post
  • How to cut and fix handrails
  • Calculate how many spindles are needed
  • Spindle spacing
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