Carpentry Power Tools

Power tool tips, tricks and advice

Carpentry power tools are such an integral part of the job I can't imagine trying to work without them. I'm not sure I'd have become a carpenter before they were invented and everything was done by hand, my arms aren't big enough!

Chippies back then must of looked like Popeye.

  • 110V Transformer - In the UK you can only use battery powered or lower 110 volt equipment on building sites, far safer and less likely to cause a fatal electric shock than 240v power tools.

  • Cordless & Power drill tips and tricks:
  • - How to use a drill
    - How to choose the correct drill bit to use
    - Tips for drilling holes in wood
    - Tips for drilling holes in brickwork & masonry (including concrete)

  • Jigsaw is one of the best tools for cutting laminate flooring and also for cutting sinks into kitchen counters & work-tops. It's also good for cutting intricate lines and when scribing timber to irregular/uneven surfaces. You don't have to buy a really expensive Jigsaw, just make sure you use the best Jigsaw blades you can afford and replace them as soon as they become dull. Blunt blades tend to burn the work-piece and try to find the easiest route to cut through the grain of timber, which isn't always the one you want!

  • Nail-guns really earn the money you have to spend on them. They are also good for nailing in awkward spots when swinging a hammer isn't easy or will risk moving the timber you're trying to fix. Be careful though, click the link above to see a picture of when I shot myself in the wrist!

  • How to set-up and use a circular saw this page has everything you need to know for choosing the correct circular saw blade, setting the tool, guide rail or jig up and cutting correctly and safely.

  • Router
  • Electric planer
  • Orbital sander
  • Hammer drill
  • Miter saw
  • Plunge saw
  • I've recently bought a Dewalt plunge saw. I always wanted a Festool one but could never really justify spending £5-600 on a plunge saw when I already had a normal circular saw.

    I started looking at videos on YouTube of plunge saws being used and decided I had to have one! I looked on EBay first and found a reconditioned one for about £300. I happened to be in my local tool store who are also a Dewalt service centre and asked if he had any in. Luckily, he had a reconditioned one for sale with a 1.4m rail for £240 so I snapped it up and bought another rail and joining bar.

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