What is SiteBuildIt
And how can it turbo charge your income?

This page about SiteBuildIt is a continuation of my about me page and will make more sense to you if you read that first, if you haven't already!

If you're anything like I was, right now you're probably wondering, "what's in it for me? How do you earn money from a website!?"

There are dozens of ways a website can make you money. One for example is by implementing Google adsense ads. These are ads you place on your site and you get paid every time a visitor clicks on one. Another way is by affiliate marketing. Find merchants like Amazon, or Ebay and send visitors to them to buy products you recommend. Every time you make a sale, you get a commission. Another lucrative way is advertising. Get enough visitors to your site and you can start selling ad space to the highest bidders! These are three, but there are iterally dozens of ways to diversify the income a website produces for consistent, increasing returns month by month.

But how!!?

SiteBuildIt is all the tools, guidance, processes and advice you need to build an online business. I don't think of my websites as a business as such, but as little cash machines!

With SBI2.0 you don't need to be a computer expert. In fact - you can be a novice like I was. I had no internet or computer experience, I was computer illiterate. When I told my computer programmer friend I was building a website to make money he nearly pi#*ed himself laughing. He was a little surprised recently though when I told him how much I earn a month!

SBI is slightly different from other site builders. There are cheaper and possibly easier ones to use, but you have to pay to host your site on top. Plus you don't get anything like the amount of tuition, help, guidance, community and proven track record that you do with SBI. SiteBuildIt removes the technical barriers, so pretty much all you have to do is select options, and type words. Building a page is almost as simple as creating a word document. Great, if like me you know nothing about computers! You can be as complicated as you like though, if you are an experienced HTML computer coding turbo expert you can still do your own programming etc.

The thing I like (and need), there is unlimited customer support, and all users can access the vast community of like minded infopreneurs in the forums where every single aspect of using the system has been discussed (there are over 1,000,000 posts by users in the forums!). Experienced people there will even review your site and give you helpful/constructive advice as you go.

The complete SiteBuildIt system takes you through the site building process step by step. You're shown how to choose a niche, brainstorm profitable keywords, how to get traffic to the site, how to sell to people and most importantly how to find ways to monetize (earn from) that traffic.

Like I said before. People are quitting their jobs. Stay at home mums and housewives are earning more than their go to work husbands. Older folk are boosting their retirement/pension incomes with solid income from websites they've built, and it's happening all over the world! If you regularly use the web, I've no doubt whatsoever you've already visited a SiteBuildIt website (other than this one), and may have even clicked on an ad, or purchased a recommended product after clicking through from somebodies site - earning them a commission!

There's more..!!?

The most exciting thing about it is it's all about to get a whole lot better. In January 2012, BlockBuilder2 will be released. A huge overhaul of the whole site building process, making it far smoother and easier to build amazing looking web pages. As soon as it comes round, I'm going to overhaul the look and layout of this site so it looks like a professional web programmer built it!

Still not sure? Click here to ask a question about Solo Build It and take the first step towards your great new future