Finish Carpentry

2nd Fix / Fixing carpentry tips

In America it's called trim or finish carpentry. In the UK it's called 2nd fix carpentry and in Australia where i'm currently working they call it fixing carpentry. Whatever you want to call it, this section covers all the carpentry jobs that will be visible to the client after the framing and roofing stages of the job. Some of those jobs include hanging doors, installing Architrave, Skirting, Dado Rails and other decorative mouldings, plus fitting ironmongery like locks and latches.

It's easily my favourite and most satisfying part of the job and the one where accuracy and attention to detail is most important. Mitres and scribes need to fit tightly. Fixings need to be hidden or disguised and timber should be planed and sanded perfectly smooth.

General 2nd fix

Finish carpentry

  • General Finish carpentry tips and pointers
  • How to scribe timber for a perfect fit
  • Drill bit types
  • Fixings used
  • Pilot holes
  • Plug cutters
  • Fixing to plasterboard walls
  • Doors

    Finish carpentry - Hanging doors

  • General information about hanging doors
  • Applying a leading edge to a door
  • Make a saddle and block
  • How to hang an internal door
  • How to hang a stable door
  • How to adjust a door
  • How to fit a mortice latch and doorstops correctly
  • How to fit a flush bolt
  • Architrave

    Finish carpentry - Architrave

  • How to install Architrave mouldings
  • How to install corner blocks
  • How to make and install plinth blocks
  • Skirting boards

    Finish carpentry - Skirting boards

  • How to install skirting boards
  • Internal skirting corners
  • How to end boards neatly
  • How to fix skirting boards
  • Skirting pipe boxing
  • Shelves

    Finish carpentry - how to build shelves

  • How to build shelves
  • Alcove shelves
  • Slatted shelves
  • Floating shelves
  • Stairs

    Finish carpentry - Installing stairs

  • General information about stairs
  • How to install a staircase
  • Installing newel posts
  • Installing half newels
  • How to fit handrails
  • Calculate how many spindles are needed
  • How to space spindles and install
  • Fitting Kitchens / Bathrooms

    Fitting kitchens

  • Installing kitchens
  • Kitchen base & wall units
  • How to fit kitchen worktops
  • Cutting worktops to length
  • Bathroom vanity units
  • Boxing in pipes
  • How to make a bath panel
  • Random stuff

    dormer fascias

  • Fancy fascias!