Basic Carpentry Tutorial

Techniques, tips and tricks of the trade

If you are DIYer or just new to carpentry you'll want to know some basic carpentry techniques, tips, tricks of the trade and ideas. I've injured myself badly several times since starting my apprenticeship (mainly when rushing to finish) including having shot myself with a nail-gun and planing a chunk of my finger off. I've damaged materials too. So, hopefully the information in this section will save you time, wasted materials and maybe even prevent some self inflicted injuries!

basic carpentry

Carpentry books

Carpentry Terms

Familiarise yourself with the carpentry terms that you'll be hearing or look up those you may of heard but don't know the meaning of. Click here for a huge list of common carpentry terms and their meanings.

Basic Carpentry Techniques

  • Types of wood glue and their uses

  • Measuring and Marking Out
    scale ruler

    Carpenters need to read technical drawings with a scale ruler and then transfer the measurements on the job site. Using a scale ruler is like using a normal rule, only you need to find the side with the corresponding scale that the drawing is working to.

  • How to read a tape measure
  • Another measuring tool is the tape measure. Tape measures come in either imperial, metric or both. Click the link above for more information about reading and using tape measures.

    Carpentry Maths and Formulas

    You'll need to know how to check for square, how to calculate square areas and bisect angles amongst others. Click here for a list of commonly used carpentry formulas each with explanations you can understand!

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