Even up decking boards

by Linda
(Houston, TX)


How do we even up decking boards edges after they've all been screwed down?

We've just installed some nice new decking in our back garden and have left the boards long, overhanging the outside edge of the joisted deck area.

What is the best way to cut and even up the edges of the decking boards after they are all screwed down in place, so we get a nice perfectly even straight line?

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Feb 25, 2016
Evening up boards
by: Anonymoose

I have just done this with a circular saw. If a guide rail can be used you get an arrow straight line. I trimmed around 5mm off and it looks superb.

Jul 11, 2011
How to screw decking boards down

Your drill is fine for the job.

Composite screws are really good, if they supplied you with a screwdriver bit that fits the screw heads then there are a couple of things you can do to make screwing the decking down easier;

Make sure your drill is on the slowest speed setting. Drill gears are like car gears. If you're drilling a small easy hole you want a fast speed, drilling a big hole or winding a tough screw in is like driving uphill, and so you need a slow speed. Make sure the drill is held perfectly upright and you get your weight behind it.

Secondly, drill clearance holes in the decking.

Find a drill bit that is smaller than the screw head, but slightly larger than the screws thread. Drill only through the decking and stop when you get to the timber underneath (put tape on the drill bit to mark the depth to drill down to if that helps).

For screws near the ends of the boards use a countersink bit too, or you may split the timber.

Use a straight edge to mark a line across the decking to drill to so all the screws are in a straight line.

That should make screwing the decking a lot easier :-)

Jul 10, 2011
composite deck screws
by: Anonymous

I bought more screws for the deck and mistakenly got composite screws. I do not have a square head and the one they supplied is just stripping the screw heads and not driving them into the wood. My drill should be powerful enough to do the trick.

It is a 19.2 volt craftsman.

Please!! Does anyone have any ideas??

Jul 09, 2011
decking edge
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much for the tip!!

Jul 09, 2011
How to cut off the decking board ends perfectly straight
by: Gary

This is really straight forward to do. I'd use my plunge saw for this, but you probably don't have one.

All you need is a circular saw with a nice sharp blade and a perfectly straight piece of timber.

Mark an equal overhang on the boards, or flush if that's what you want. Measure from the saw blade to the outer edge of the saws bed, it might be 30mm for example. Mark a new line 30mm away from the first one and clamp or screw the straight edge to the line.

Hold the saw against it and check the blade is in on the desired finished line.

Set the circular saws depth to the thickness of the deck boards, and slowly run it along the deck removing all the ends in a nice straight, equal line.

I'd consider using a router with a small round over or chamfer bit just to take the square edges off a little too.

Good luck!

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