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We built a Suncast wooden shed on the patio. Later we poured a concrete slab built for it to set on. We went to special care to ensure the slab was level. …

How to finish kitchen cabinets at ceiling 
Hello, How do you finish kitchen cabinets at ceiling level? There is a small gap above mine so I need to add a trim/molding above the kitchen cabinets …

Conservatory Window Sills 
Please Help! My husband and father ordered everything they needed to build a small conservatory which is brilliant. The only problem is we are having …

Staircase Installation 
I have 3 questions about a staircase installation which I hope you can answer so that I can organise which order I need to have work completed in my …

Even up decking boards 
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Skirting boards on different floor levels 
Hi, Any tips on fitting skirting boards on different floor levels ? I am looking to have oak skirting boards and solid flooring fitted in my hallway, …

Building a Linen closet? 
I want to start building a linen closet for storage in the corner of a room. I'm just going to add the front door framing and one side wall, utilizing …

Oak Veneer Finish Door Frames 
Hi, I am installing some Oak veneer finish door frames , that I will be hanging some oak veneer doors into. I'm just wondering what ways I could …

Condensation control in newly built loft conversion 
I have my new floor down and I am now cutting the insulation between the sloping ceiling joists (rafters) and have found my existing felt is saturated. …

Best trap door hinges 
Hello, I have a trap door in my basement floor at home to get into the crawl space. Right now there are no hinges on the door, it's more like a "loose …

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