Skirting boards on different floor levels

by Faye


Any tips on fitting skirting boards on different floor levels?

I am looking to have oak skirting boards and solid flooring fitted in my hallway, but not the adjoining rooms.

The flooring is 20mm thick and I am a bit confused as to how the skirting boards on different floor levels will work out?

Because the other room will have carpet and the two rooms run into each other via an opening, when the skirting is sitting on top of the hardwood flooring it will be higher in the hall (20mm) than where the skirting is fitted in the carpeted room?

Which is the best way of getting around this problem so that it looks normal/good?

Many thanks for your help.

With kind regards


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Jun 18, 2013
Gaps between Skirting Boards and Tile Floor
by: Anonymous


Firstly, thank you for the lovely tips. After reading your tips, I have found the courage to install the skirting boards myself.

I have tiled floor and there are gaps along the board which could be anywhere between 2mm to 5mm. How do I cover these up as I am afraid if I caulk the color will not match and the caulk will get dirty over time.

Thanks, once again.

May 24, 2011
Continuous skirting when floor types/levels change
by: Gary

Hi Faye,

There are a couple of possible ways to get around skirting boards on different floor levels like this scenario.

The easiest way to explain is as though there is no carpet, and that will be fitted last. And by assuming the step from existing floor to the oak flooring is 20mm in total including underlay etc.

The first way is to lay the hardwood floor first, and if you are using one fit the flooring to carpet threshold (the brass/chrome/wooden bar normally found in doorways) where the change in floor types will be.

Then the area to be carpeted should be skirted first, if it isn't already. When the skirting meets the flooring you will need to cut 20mm (floor thickness) off the bottom of all the skirting that sits on top of the Oak.

So, the top edge of the skirting is level, but the thickness of the floor has been removed from the bottom edge to allow for the change. It won't be as bad as 20mm in the end, because the carpet and underlay are then laid up to the skirting and flooring which are probably 15-18mm thick together, so the discrepancy will be much less noticeable - around 2-5mm.

Done properly, it will look like it grew there ;-)

The second way is if for example you have a period property. You could use plinth blocks and architrave to the frame and make a feature of the opening. The skirting will be different levels but is interrupted by the plinth blocks which draw attention away from the difference.

Finally, you could get the carpnter to mitre the skirting up and over the change in floor. Similar to how the board mitres down on this page about ending skirting boards.

Hope this helps. If not upload a picture of the area using the Q&A page and I will have another go!

Best regards,


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