Building a Linen closet?

by Kris

I want to start building a linen closet for storage in the corner of a room.

I'm just going to add the front door framing and one side wall, utilizing the existing back and other side wall.

My question is, there is wood flooring down already. Should I cut the flooring out for the base plates of my new walls or just build the wall right on top of the existing floor?
I highly doubt I will replace the floor any time soon.

I would think to do it right, I should cut the floor.
To make it easy for me, do not cut the floor.

Any advice?

Kris L.

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May 16, 2011
Should you cut existing flooring out or build the walls straight on top?
by: Gary

Hi Kris,

I'm going to answer this assuming the cupboard is in a bedroom and you have floating laminate or real wood flooring that has been laid on top of an existing chipboard/pine floor for example.

If I were building a linen closet like this then (unfortunately) the answer is that I would do it properly and cut the floor up where the wall plates are going to fall, with a 10-20mm expansion gap added all the way around. This gap would be hidden by the sheet material you are using like plasterboard or mdf for example and then the skirting too, all sitting on top.

I wouldn't cut the floor out where the doorway would be so the floor stays continuous, and I'd sit the new door frame legs on top of the wood floor, as well as the architrave after the door is hung. Install the door lining so it sits on top of the floor.

This way, not only is the expansion gap maintained but in the future when you (or someone else) decide to lift up the wood floor and fit carpets or whatever the flooring will easily slide out from under the skirting. It would be difficult and a nightmare to neatly cut real wood or laminate floor out later on if it ran under the walls.

Just use a circular saw and set the depth to the thickness of the flooring.

It is a little more work, but you'll be glad in a few years when you come to change the floor! There's no chance the wood floor will buckle up and lift when it expands this way too as you are maintaining the expansion gap and not fixing through the boards.

Once done you might want to add a few slatted shelves for storage?

Good luck!

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